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Today’s Wage Price Index data provides little comfort for Australian families who have been smashed by Labor’s bad economic management.

While any increase to wages is welcome, today’s data is a drop in the ocean compared to the pain Australians are feeling.

The Albanese Government has revealed it has provisioned $40 million for an advertising campaign to sell its lie on the Stage 3 tax cuts.

Today’s quarterly Consumer Price Index (CPI) data reflects just how entrenched and persistent price rises are in Australia.

The figures confirm that since the 2022 election, the price level has increased by almost 10% - the equivalent of doubling the GST.

Labor’s cost of living crisis is making it harder to send kids to school ready to learn.


Australian families are scrambling to find money for uniforms, stationery, and textbooks this January with the cost of education up 4.8 per cent since Labor was elected.