Hume Media Releases

Today’s monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) data has confirmed Australians are in for a difficult and expensive Christmas.  

Inflation in Australia remains far too high, with core inflation at 5.3%.  

The cost of everyday essentials continues to go up and up.   

The independent Reserve Bank Governor last night confirmed that Australia’s inflation is being driven by domestic factors, is widespread and will be higher for longer. The Prime Minister and the Treasurer are now at direct odds with the RBA Governor with their view of inflation.  

The same day the ABS has confirmed that Australian household’s real incomes are going backwards, Labor has cut a deal with the Greens to pass contentious changes to the tax treatment of franking credits through the Senate.

The Coalition are today calling for the government to support Coalition amendments to Treasury legislation that will extend the Instant Asset Write Off to 26,500 medium businesses and extend the value of assets eligible to $30,000.  <