Albanese Government's review risks Picton Bypass and Highlands rail infrastructure projects

Thursday, 04 May 2023

Delivery of the Picton Bypass and Southern Highlands overtaking rail infrastructure projects has been put at risk by the Albanese Labor Government’s funding review of New South Wales infrastructure projects.

Member for Hume Angus Taylor said Labor is demonstrating it doesn’t have a plan for the sustainable growth of our regions or the safety of our roads by threatening to cut local infrastructure projects.

“Prior to the Federal Election last year, the Coalition committed $95.6 million to deliver the Picton Bypass and Picton Road safety upgrades and $41.6 million to deliver rail infrastructure works at Picton, Werai and Joppa Junction to enable freight trains to be overtaken by faster services,” Mr Taylor said.
The people of Hume deserve better than broken promises and a lack of transparency from the Albanese Government.

“It makes no sense to cut these and other road and rail projects at a time when Labor is using the infrastructure budget to build stadiums in Tasmania and Queensland and wants to substantially increase the number of people migrating into the county,” Mr Taylor said.  
“The Prime Minister’s planned cuts to infrastructure is further proof Labor cannot manage money.
Federal Member for Hume Angus Taylor said the Minns Labor Government should not roll over and meekly accept these funding cuts out of Canberra.
“The State Government should stand up for the interests of regional NSW and push back against cuts to local infrastructure projects which have been planned with communities and the former government.
“Labor is unfairly targeting regional communities for its infrastructure budget cuts, with two-thirds of all New South Wales projects slated to go under review coming from regional areas. 
“If all these projects are cut by Labor, more than $10 billion would be stripped from the regions.
“Unbelievably, $407.3 million for the NSW Regional Road Safety Program is also potentially on the chopping block,” Mr Taylor said.