Angus has a cuppa with older blokes

Friday, 14 December 2018

Older men have taken up the offer to have a cup of tea with Angus and vent their spleen. Federal Member for Hume Angus Taylor hosted coffee catch-ups in Camden and Goulburn this week, telling older supporters they were needed to help win the next election for the Coalition.

“We need people like you to sell the story about the damage a Shorten Labor Government would do to our country,” Mr Taylor said.

“You need to tell your children and your grandchildren exactly what you think. Just like you’re telling me now - about climate change, about energy and fuel prices, about the Liberal Party, about healthcare costs, about border protection, about spending within our means, about the media and about leadership - your grandkids need to hear your perspective.”

Mr Taylor said he would be communicating directly with voters over coming months.

“Coffee mornings, personal letters, responding to individuals on social media, picking up the phone. People want direct communication. I am open to any requests for catch-ups like the ones we’ve had this week. Thanks to everyone for coming along and sharing your thoughts.”

“I think that the PM will get back in if the voters think about the way we suffered when Labor was in last time.” Mr Roach

“You talk about retirees, I am one who has worked for 55 years, paid taxes, built Australia. The welfare system is out of control and we have generations of people on welfare who will never take a job and we continue to pay them for doing nothing.” Mr McDonald

“Please slow the rate of migration to allow the nation to balance the population and the infrastructure.” Mr Irving

“Let us see a total united front and a leader that will not stand for treason to the party.” Mr Anderson

“Promote Australian ambition and excellence in all things meritorious and good for the country. Promote reverence and respect for Australian Defence Forces.” Mr Solomons

Caption: Angus Taylor tells older supporters they are needed to help the Coalition win the next election.

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