Labor bail on bridges program

Wednesday, 24 January 2024

The Albanese Government’s scrapping of the Bridges Renewal Program will have devastating consequences for the Hume electorate.

Member for Hume and Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor said the Albanese Government’s decision made it clear Labor do not understand the importance of our road networks in driving national economic growth and prosperity.

“In their first 18 months the Albanese Government has taken the axe to road funding and now Labor is planning to abolish yet another road program specifically designed to support regional industries by fixing country bridges so they can safely carry heavy trucks,” Mr. Taylor said. 

“Everywhere you look, state and federal Labor Governments are ruthlessly slashing and axing road programs all to fund their own pet projects such as live music arenas and sports stadiums.

The Bridges Renewal Program has been critical to enabling the following projects in the Hume electorate to be built.

• Upper Lachlan Shire Council - Abercrombie River Bridge, Goulburn - Oberon Road (Completed)

• Wingecarribee Shire Council – Belanglo Rd Culvert Replacement (Completed) 

• Goulburn Mulwaree Council – Komungla Bridge Replacement (Completed)

• Boorowa Council - Bennett Springs Bridge Replacement (Completed)

• Young Shire Council - McHenrys Creek Bridge Widening (Completed)

• Goulburn Mulwaree Council - Nadigigomar Creek Bridge Replacement (Completed)

• Goulburn Mulwaree Council Lansdowne Bridge, Goulburn (Completed)

• Wollondilly Shire Council - Cedar Creek Road Matthews Ck Bridge Replacement (Completed)

• Upper Lachlan Shire Council - Crookwell River Bridge Upgrade - Woodville Road (Completed)

• Wingecarribee Shire Council - Construction of Bundanoon Creek Bridge (Completed)

• Goulburn Mulwaree Council - Thornford Road Bridge Replacement (Completed)

• Upper Lachlan Shire Council - Kiamma Creek Bridge Upgrade (Completed)

• Upper Lachlan Shire Council – Diamond Creek Bridge Upgrade - Kangaloolah Road (Completed)

• Goulburn Mulwaree Council - Towrang Road Bridge renewal, Boxers Creek (Completed)

• Hilltops Council - Bundarbo Road Bridge Replacement (Under Construction)

• Wollondilly Shire Council - Mount Hercules Road Causeway replacement, Razorback (Under Construction)

• Goulburn Mulwaree Council - Carrick Road Bridge replacement, Carrick (Completed )

• Upper Lachlan Shire Council - Crookwell River Bridge Renewal, Julong Rd, Binda (Under Construction )

• Upper Lachlan Shire Council - Peelwood Creek Bridge replacement, Cooksvale Rd, Peelwood (In Planning)

• Goulburn Mulwaree Council - Range Road Causeway Replacement, Baw Baw (In Planning)

• Upper Lachlan Shire Council – Burra Burra Creek Bridge renewal, Blue Hill Rd, Golspie (under construction)

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Senator Bridget McKenzie said it was incredibly disappointing to see the Albanese Government recklessly abandoning rural and regional road safety programs with seemingly no care for the consequences.

“By canning the Bridges Renewal Program, Labor are putting the safety of our truck drivers and everyday road users’ at risk by forcing them to take longer routes and use decaying roads and bridges,” Senator McKenzie said.

“Labor have not considered the flow on effects its decision to cancel the Bridges Renewal Program will have on industry productivity.

“It is crucial throughout rural and regional Australia to have bridges which enable heavy vehicle access to farms so fodder and supplies are delivered, and agricultural commodities can make its way to market. 

“It is time for Minister King to hit the road and see the sheer number of creeks, streams, rivers, and channels throughout our beautiful country which demand bridge crossings that are safe and sturdy.”