Labor's cost of living con job continues - Sunday 30 June 2024

Monday, 01 July 2024

Australians are being failed by the Albanese Labor Government.  


As we enter the new financial year, members of the Labor Party are promising life will be easier because of their policies.  


This is the same promise they made when they were first elected over two years ago.  


But hardworking Australian families and small businesses know this is another Labor lie.   


Labor’s cost of living con job is hurting people every single day.  


Australians are worse off than they were two years ago and nothing on offer from the government will reverse the damage.   


Labor promised a $275 reduction in power bills. It’s fallen short of its promise by over $1,000 for a typical household. 


Under Labor, prices have gone up by nearly 10%.  


Australians are paying 20% more personal income tax. 


Employee real wages have collapsed by nearly 9%.  


Living standards have collapsed by nearly 8%.  


Household savings have collapsed by nearly 10 percentage points.  


And homeowners with a typical mortgage of $750,000 are nearly $35,000 worse off.  


Australians have lost tens of thousands of dollars over the last two years through no fault or choice of their own.  


It is because of Labor’s bad decisions.  


Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor said Australians deserve more than spin. 


“The Albanese Labor Government has completely failed to address the source of Australia’s cost of living crisis – inflation.  


“We’ve had three failed budgets from Labor and Australians can’t afford another one.  


“Australia’s had five consecutive quarters of negative or flat GDP per person growth. 


“And we are the only G10 country which has seen inflation go up since December. That is an indictment on Labor.  


“We are in an entrenched cost of living crisis, with no light at the end of the tunnel under Labor.  


“The Albanese Labor Government has no vision for a low inflation, strong growth economy. They have no plan for economic prosperity.  


“Labor is just desperate to win another election. It’s all about the politics, not what’s good for the country.  


“Australians deserve better. Australians deserve a strong government that is willing to make tough decisions to get us back on track.”